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Literature and Technical Documents

Find all the information you need for MoistureShield's wood composite decking, composite enhanced PVC decking and deck railing systems. From product overviews to technical documents and installation tips, we have the resources you need to help you complete your next project.

Literature covers
Compass 2 to 3 Rail Installation Instructions
pdf (737kb)
InstaDeck Installation Instructions
pdf (7mb)
MoistureShield Product Catalog
pdf (14M)
Complementary Accents Product Catalog
pdf (4M)
MoistureShield Cladding Installation Guide
pdf (5M)
Composite Decking Installation Guide
pdf (10.2M)
Stratos Product Sheet
pdf (1.5K)
InstaDeck Product Sheet
pdf (121K)
Vision® Product Sheet
pdf (2.1M)
Meridian™ Product Sheet
pdf (1.7M)
Elevate™ Product Sheet
pdf (1.3M)
Vantage™ Product Sheet
pdf (3.4M)
Compass™ Product Sheet
pdf (1M)
Fathom™ Product Sheet
pdf (1M)
Navigator™ Product Sheet
pdf (1M)
Traverse™ Product Sheet
pdf (
Discovery™ Product Sheet
pdf (1M)
Compass™ Aluminum Railing with Navigator™ Solid Core™ Top Rail Installation
pdf (391K)
Compass™ Pre-Assembled Aluminum Railing System Installation Instructions
pdf (6.1M)
Compass™ Cable Installation Instructions
pdf (3.3M)
Instructions d’installation de kit de barrière en aluminium CompassMC
pdf (1.9M)
Instructions d’installation de haut de rampe en aluminium CompassMC
pdf (834K)
Compass™ - 4.25" x 4.25" Aluminum Post Installation Instructions
pdf (1.3M)
Compass™ Level & Stair Cable Fittings for Aluminum Posts Installation
pdf (7.9M)
Discovery™ Deck Board Adapter Installation Instructions
pdf (1.1M)
Discovery™ Railing & Stair Kit Installation Instructions
pdf (5.5M)
Navigator™ Top Rail Adapter Installation Instructions
pdf (466K)
Navigator™ Stair Rail Installation Instructions
pdf (3.5M)
Navigator™ Level Rail & Level Angle Installation Instructions
pdf (3.1M)
Navigator™ Gate Kit Installation Instructions
pdf (5.7M)
Navigator™ Cable Rail Installation Instructions
pdf (12.9M)
Traverse™ Railing Installation Instructions
pdf (4.7M)
AEGIS Clip Installation Guide
pdf (900k)
MoistureShield Decking Technical Specifications
pdf (150k)
MoistureShield Milling & OEM Technical Specifications
pdf (1mb)
Safety Data Sheet - MoistureShield
pdf (243k)
Safety Data Sheet – Infuse & Refine
pdf (3.3mb)
Yard Storage & Handling Guidelines
pdf 450k
Job Pack Guidelines
pdf (41k)
MoistureShield Compatible Fasteners
pdf (126k)
PFS TECO Report - Aegis Clip
CSI Specifications for Architects
pdf (180k)
PFS-TECO BPER 0110 Decking Code Report
pdf (502k)
PFS-TECO BPER 0142 Railing Code Report
pdf (885K)
PFS-TECO BPER 0138 Cladding Code Report
pdf (293k)
PFS-TECO BPER 0142 Solid Core Railing Code Report
pdf (906k)
MoistureShield Compass™ Aluminum Railing System IBC 2021 and IRC 2021
pdf (3.0M)
NRC-CNRC evaluation report for ChoiceDek, MoistureShield Elite, Essential, and Vantage composite decking.
CCMC 13191-R Canada
pdf (410k)
VAR-1015 Recycled Content
pdf (636k)
CA WUI 2321-0501 Meridian
pdf (169k)
CA WUI 2321-0500 Vision
pdf (170k)