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MoistureShield® Joist Tape

When you choose deck boards protected with The Solid Core Difference, don’t let your substructure go unprotected. Ensure every inch of your deck is designed to defy the elements with joist protection tape from MoistureShield. Its patented acrylic adhesive and woven cloth substrate creates a tight seal over your deck joists and deck screws to prevent moisture infiltration. MoistureShield Joist Tape tears easily without tools, doesn’t stick to itself and can be repositioned without leaving a residue, making it incredibly easy to work with on any substrate material—including lumber and steel.

  • Using deck joist tape adds up to 10+ years to the life of your deck
  • Tears easily by hand without tools for easy handling on the job site
  • Seals tightly around deck screws, preventing moisture infiltration and corrosion
  • For application temperatures between -20ºF to 200ºF (-29ºC and 93ºC)

Available Sizes

2" Joist Tape

2" width x 65-foot length

4" Joist Tape

4" width x 65-foot length

6" Joist Tape

6" width x 65-foot length

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