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Introducing the New MoistureShield® Valued Partner (MVP) Program

Want to be faster and stronger than your competition? Get exclusive access to product training, a priority listing in our MoistureShield preferred contractor database, direct support, and more points in your Contractor Rewards account. Become an MVP—part of the new MoistureShield Valued Partner program.

Get Started Today

Nah, there’s no need to start training, run wind sprints or renew your weightlifting routine to get back into shape like your high school ball playing days to become an MVP. This status is all about becoming a MoistureShield Valued Partner and getting access to all those fantastic preferred-contractor benefits.

Learn, Earn and Grow with Our Latest Benefits

Here’s what you can receive with our new and improved MVP program.

  • Get access to MoistureShield University, our exclusive portal providing comprehensive training courses and in-depth knowledge about MoistureShield products and installation.
  • Through our Contractor Rewards, you can earn bonus points toward thousands of items in the online catalog.
  • Looking to grow your business? Our valued partner program also offers Business-Building Resources like marketing tips, editorial newsletter features, and project spotlights featuring professional photography.
  • MVPs also receive a coveted listing in MoistureShield’s preferred contractor database, which is an incredible way to generate additional business.
  • You are also backed by the MoistureShield Labor Warranty (after a completed project inspection) to help you build with confidence.

We offer three new program tiers: MVP, MVP Plus, and MVP Premier so you can start receiving benefits immediately after signing up and earn more as you increase your MoistureShield projects.

Who Qualifies to be an MVP?

Whether you’re a MoistureShield contractor or deck professional, signing up is easy. All you need to do to get started is enroll by clicking the link to sign up below. From there a MoistureShield representative will reach out to confirm your license and proof of insurances, and give you access to MSU training courses via our easy-to-use online platform.

If you’re ready to become an MVP, sign up today and begin to receive all the fantastic MoistureShield Valued Partner program benefits.