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Dynamic Decorating Ideas to Take Your Deck to the Next Level

You’ve planned and built a wonderful outdoor deck with all the traditional amenities, a nice table to gather around, comfortable seating, perhaps a grill and kitchen area — all set to become your home's new entertainment hot spot and cozy place to relax. Now it’s time to add those personal touches that truly make your deck your own and provide a place where any guest feels welcome. MoistureShield offers not only high-quality, low maintenance composite and composite enhanced PVC decking, but also support like this blog featuring a range of deck design ideas and thoughts on backyard deck décor that can take your outdoor space to the next level.

Bring in Natural Color with Plants and Flowers

Nothing dresses up a deck naturally like adding an array of greenery or color such as plants and flowers. Well-placed pots and containers of any size can brighten up your space and make the area more appealing, not to mention you’re also contributing to the environment. Bold choices like tropical hibiscus or dainty Gerbera daisies perform well in containers or you can mix and match plants, just be sure they are similar in their need for water and sun. While terra cotta pots work fine, containers come in a variety of styles and colors to add even more “pop” to your space. If you have room, landscaping and beds allow you to add even more beauty surrounding your deck. In addition, containers or raised pots make wonderful spaces for planting vegetables and herbs that are not only beautiful and delicious, but also save you money on groceries.

Add Pillows for Coziness and Color

If there’s one easy way to showcase your style, it’s by adding seat cushions and pillows. Bright colors or bold patterns enhance your aesthetic while adding another level of coziness and comfort for your guests. Pull a pro move and change out pillows with the seasons or match the color palette of your flowers for spring and summer.

Brighten Up Your Space with Deck Lighting

When the sun goes down, we have even more outdoor deck design ideas. Hanging lights and candles is an economical way to take an evening from simply pleasant to downright magical, whether you’re entertaining a group or spending some time alone with that special someone. Strategically located built-in deck lights can be both beautiful and functional helping to tastefully brighten darkened areas and safely light the way to stairs and changes in elevation.

Make a Splash with a Water Feature

Water features like fountains can add ambiance and create a serene, relaxing atmosphere for your guests or when you’re taking some self-care time alone. Fountains come in a variety of styles to match the look of your deck ranging from traditional or ornate to statuaries or modern. Large, showstopping fountains that are run by electricity can be a deck focal point, while smaller options run by batteries or solar power offer tranquility without a huge investment or rewiring your deck. Other water features include waterfalls, small ponds and streams — all worth checking into if you have the room and the budget. 

Install Different Wall Hangings

Looking to make a statement on the walls surrounding your deck without the hassle of painting? Outdoor art could be the answer. Hanging a tapestry or outdoor metal art can make a space feel more aesthetic and express your personal style. Find outdoor art at local garden centers, flea markets or craft shows, and remember: half the fun is time spent searching for the perfect piece!

If you’re planning on extending your entertainment options beyond the backdoor of your home, beautiful decking like MoistureShield is only the start. Use these outdoor deck design ideas to create a unique, comfortable space that showcases your style as you gather with friends and family. Your deck will thank you for it!