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Utilizing Technology to Conduct Business

MoistureShield is a company made up of families just like yours. Our primary concern is the health, safety and welfare of all. Federal guidelines urge us all to eliminate physical contact as much as possible in order to protect ourselves, our families, our crews and our customers. During this time, there are ways that you can utilize technology to maintain some level of business continuity. If you need help navigating any of these technologies, please reach out to your MoistureShield rep for assistance.


Whether or not you are able to start a new installation at this time, there are virtual ways that you can walk through the planning process. If you are unable to complete an installation at this time, completing the planning phases now will allow you to be ready to start once quarantines are lifted.

  • Initial Consultation: Instead of meeting face-to-face to discuss a new project, meet with your client over FaceTime (Apple iOS only) or Skype (available for both Android and Apple) using smartphones or tablets. Have the client walk the property with their device camera, so you can see everything and communicate in a way that would be similar to a face-to-face meeting. Use your device camera to display product samples and describe the features. Email them images of that product in other installations for further reference. MoistureShield product pages are a good resource for these images. If allowed by your local municipality, set an appointment time when you can enter the property to take measurements while avoiding any face-to-face engagement. If you live in a state where stay-at-home orders are in place, measurements will need to wait until the order is lifted, unless the project is simple enough for the homeowners to take the measurements themselves. You may also be able to walk them through this process over FaceTime or Skype.
  • Presentation: Using a teleconferencing platform like Zoom or Skype, you can talk to your client and share your device screen at the same time. Load the design renderings onto your device, share your screen, and then walk through the renderings with them. It’s best if they use a computer to view the designs on their end, as the images will be larger and more lifelike than on a phone screen. Click here for information on how to share your screen on Skype.
  • Virtual Contracts: Once a quote has been agreed upon, instead of getting a live signature, submit an online contract through a company like HelloSign. The process is all handled via email on their website.