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MoistureShield is committed to working towards a cleaner, waste-free world.

That’s why we build our composite decking boards with 95% recycled content, much of it material that we help divert from landfills. 100% of the wood we use is recycled, so no trees are cut down to make our product. 25% of the plastic we use comes from post-consumer waste—like plastic bags and bottles—so they become part of beautiful decks rather than landfills or pollution.

Because we believe in being part of the sustainability solution, we choose to reuse materials to make new, better things.

Build Green With MoistureShield

Our decking contributes to LEED green building certifications with over 95% recycled material.

100% Recycled Wood

The wood used by MoistureShield is 100% recycled, meaning no trees are cut down to make MoistureShield wood composite decking. That’s over 65 million pounds of wood fiber we recycle every year, or the equivalent of more than 15,000 trees.

The average American uses 110 pounds of single-use plastic every year.

We take the waste of about 250 thousand of those people and use it to create our high-performance composite decking.

That’s 125 million pounds

of wood fiber, plastic regrind, rigid plastics and film plastics we divert from landfills every year.

(More than two Statues of Liberty!)

Stepping up to increased change

Contributing to a more sustainable world is a lifelong commitment, so we’re always working to do more. In fact, we’ve set a goal: we’ll triple the amount of recycled material we divert from landfills by 2026.

Want to do your part?

It takes every one of us to make change. Reduce the impact of your plastic usage by giving it a second life.