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MoistureShield® Deck Clip

MoistureShield Deck Clips are custom designed to fit securely into the grooved profile of our deck boards for superior holding power. Made in high-strength carbon or stainless steel, they also extend the life of your deck by elevating the boards off the joists, increasing air flow and reducing moisture buildup that can damage substructure.

  • Custom design fits securely
  • Reduces possible moisture buildup
  • Available in high-strength carbon or stainless steel
  • Installs with pneumatic gun or regular drill
  • Compatible with wood frames
Close view of a composite decking hidden fastener.

Choose The Right MoistureShield Deck Clip Pack For Your Project

A range of quantities and materials fit the demands of your composite deck installation

First, select how many hidden fasteners and what type of screws you’ll need * +

MoistureShield's hidden deck fastener deck clip pack.

Covers 250 ft2

The Bucket: More Clips and Screws

  • Deck Pack for Hand Drive Screws: includes 450 Clips and 500 Screws
  • Contractor Pack for Pneumatic Nail Screws: includes 450 Clips and 500 Screws (Starter and Finisher Clips Sold Separately)
MoistureShield's hidden deck fastener complete system clip pack.

Covers 50 ft2

The Box: The Complete System, with Hand Drive or Pneumatic Options

  • Includes 90 Clips, 5 Starter Clips, 5 Finish Clips, and 100 Screws
  • Available with Hand Drive or Pneumatic Screws

Accessories You’ll Need

MoistureShield's hidden deck fastener starter clip pack.

Starter Clip Pack

Includes 25 Starter Clips with 25 screws
(estimated need for 250 ft2 deck)

MoistureShield's hidden deck fastener finisher clip pack.

Finisher Clip Pack

Includes 25 Finish Clips with 25 ¾” screws & 25 1” screws.
(estimated need for 250 ft2 deck)

MoistureShield's hidden deck fastener transition clip pack.

Transition Clip Pack

Includes 25 Transition Clips with 25 screws
(used for picture frame decking and repair)

Pneumatic Tool

  • EVERWIN MANTISTOOL1 Hidden Deck Installation Tool
  • For use with MoistureShield Deck Clips and Pneumatic Screws

*All clips also available in 304 Grade Stainless Steel approved for Coastal Applications.
+ Standard Clip Packs include Black Coated Carbon Steel Screws. Stainless Steel Kits include Black Coated 305 Grade Stainless Steel Screws.

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