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Discover The Solid Core Difference for yourself. Browse our offering and choose up to three product samples before placing your order. MoistureShield's solid core technology makes our composite deck boards extremely durable and resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. Browse our offering of deck boards, and choose up to three product samples before placing your full composite decking order. This is a great way to see MoistureShield products in person before you commit to buying a large quantity.

Benefits of choosing MoistureShield wood composite decking:

  • The Solid Core Difference: MoistureShield is the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground, or underwater without any structural performance issues. This is because of its solid core, which is an impermeable barrier that fights damage from moisture, rot, insects, and other harmful elements.
  • Durability: MoistureShield composite deck boards are incredibly durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It is also resistant to stains, scratches, and fading.
  • Low maintenance: MoistureShield composite deck boards require very little maintenance. Our decking doesn’t need to be stained or sealed and can be cleaned simply with soap and water.
  • Warranty: MoistureShield is backed by a 50-year Structural Warranty and industry-leading Fade & Stain Warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is protected.

Benefits of ordering free composite decking samples from MoistureShield:

  • See and feel the quality of MoistureShield composite decking for yourself.
  • Compare different styles and colors to find the perfect one for your deck.
  • Test the durability and performance of MoistureShield decking in your climate.
  • Make sure that MoistureShield decking is the right choice for you before placing a large order

Not all colors and/or products are available in all regions.

Samples of MoistureShield deck colors

    Smokey GraySpanish LeatherSandstoneCathedral StoneMochaccinoCold BrewCitadelShoresideMarinerCatalinaCanoeLake FogRiverbankAlpine GrayBridleCape Cod GrayEarthtoneWalnut

    MS Vision Samples, 13809037MS Vision Samples, 13809038MS Vision Samples, 13809036MS Vision Samples, 13809040MS Vision Samples, 13809039MS Vision Samples, 13800106MS Meridian Samples, 13809017MS Meridian Samples, 13809021MS Meridian Samples, 13809019MS Meridian Samples, 015404CAMS Elevate Samples, 13800021MS Elevate Samples, 13800022MS Elevate Samples, 13800067MS Elevate Samples, 13800062MS Vantage Samples, 13809001MS Vantage Samples, 13809000MS Vantage Samples, 13809003MS Vantage Samples, 13809007

    4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13809037 | Smokey Gray4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13809038 | Spanish Leather4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13809036 | Sandstone4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13809040 | Cathedral Stone4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13809039 | Mochaccino4 inch - MS Vision Samples, 13800106 | Cold Brew4 inch - MS Meridian Samples, 13809017 | Citadel4 inch - MS Meridian Samples, 13809021 | Shoreside4 inch - MS Meridian Samples, 13809019 | Mariner4 inch - MS Meridian Samples, 015404CA | Catalina4 inch - MS Elevate Samples, 13800021 | Canoe4 inch - MS Elevate Samples, 13800022 | Lake Fog4 inch - MS Elevate Samples, 13800067 | Riverbank4 inch - MS Elevate Samples, 13800062 | Alpine Gray4 inch - MS Vantage Samples, 13809001 | Bridle4 inch - MS Vantage Samples, 13809000 | Cape Cod Gray4 inch - MS Vantage Samples, 13809003 | Earthtone4 inch - MS Vantage Samples, 13809007 | Walnut

    [checkbox one_inch_samples "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809043 | Smokey Gray" "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809044 | Spanish Leather" "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809042 | Sandstone" "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809046 | Cathedral Stone" "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809045 | Mochaccino" "1 foot - MS Vision Samples, 13809016 | Cold Brew" "1 foot - MS Meridian Samples, 13809018 | Citadel" "1 foot - MS Meridian Samples, 13809022 | Shoreside" "1 foot - MS Meridian Samples, 13809020 | Mariner" "1 foot - MS Meridian Samples, 015412CA | Catalina" "1 foot - MS Elevate Samples, 13800036 | Canoe" "1 foot - MS Elevate Samples, 13800037 | Lake Fog"" "1 foot - MS Elevate Samples, 13800068 | Riverbank" "1 foot - MS Elevate Samples, 13800061 | Alpine Gray" "1 foot - MS Vantage Samples, 13809009 | Bridle" "1 foot - MS Vantage Samples, 13809008 | Cape Cod Gray" "1 foot - MS Vantage Samples, 13809011 | Earthtone" "1 foot - MS Vantage Samples, 13809015 | Walnut" ]

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    Select up to three 4" samples for your free box. Additional 4" samples will be $5 per box. Each 1' individual samples will also be $5.

    MoistureShield MoistureShield VisionMD

    Planches de terrasse revêtues en bois composite
    Gris fumée
    Cuir espagnol
    Pierre cathédrale
    Badge Outline
    Badge Outline
    Café glacé
    Badge Outline

    MoistureShield Vision®

    Capped Wood Composite Decking
    Smokey Gray
    Spanish Leather
    Cathedral Stone
    Badge Outline
    Badge Outline
    Cold Brew
    Badge Outline

    MoistureShield Meridian™

    Capped Wood Composite Decking
    Close view of MoistureShield's Meridian composite decking board cross section.
    Badge Outline
    Badge Outline
    Badge Outline

    MoistureShield Elevate™

    Capped Wood Composite Decking
    Lake Fog
    Alpine Gray

    MoistureShield Vantage™

    Wood Composite Decking
    Cape Cod Gray

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