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Designed to Stand Up to Virtually Any Environment — Better and Stronger than the Rest

Our products are the only decking board protected by the power of The Solid Core Difference™. That means that you can install MoistureShield on the ground, in the ground or underwater without structural issues from moisture absorption or insect infestation. Other boards simply can’t compete with our Solid Core strength.

Wood fibers are individually encapsulated in plastic

MoistureShield® is the only decking product that has stood up to the elements for more than 30 years with no structural field failures. That means beautiful outdoor living spaces that stand the test of time with less issues.

MoistureShield® vs. Traditional Decks

A composite deck can last 30 years and even longer with proper installation and brand. Pressure treated deck boards last an average of 9 years, and American Hardwood decking can last up to 20. While wooden decks are susceptible to rot and insect damage and require frequent maintenance that becomes costly over time – MoistureShield decking featuring the Solid Core Difference is not. On top of the superior durability of composites, we offer a 50-year structural warranty for all of our decking lines to ensure longevity. Learn more by watching the video below.

MoistureShield® vs. Other Composites

MoistureShield® Other Wood Plastic Composites Non-Wood Composite PVC
Performance Industry Leader with no Structural Failures Structural Failures Unknown Unknown
Core Strength Professional Grade Encapsulation** Standard*** N/A N/A
Structural Warranty 50-year (Transferable) Varies (25-30 Years) Varies (25 - Lifetime) Limited Lifetime
Fade & Stain Warranty Varies (0-50 Years)* Varies (25-30 Years) Varies (0-25 Years) Varies (0-50 Years)
Environmentally Friendly 95% Recycled Content 95% Recycled Content Varies (51%–74%) Varies (15%-50%)
Water Application Can be installed with water contact No Some Some
Ground Application Can be installed on or in the ground No Some Some
CoolDeck® Technology^ Yes No No No

* Vision line – 50 Year Fade & Stain Warranty
* Meridian line – 40 Year Fade & Stain Warranty
* Elevate line – 30 Year Fade & Stain Warranty
* Vantage line – No Fade & Stain Warranty. Colors weather like wood without the headaches of real wood (warping, rotting, splintering).
** Encapsulation of every individual wood fiber delivering 360° protection 365 days a year.
*** Vulnerable core protected by a 3- or 4-sided cap.
† Reduces heat absorption by up to 35% compared to standard capped composites in a similar color.

Constantly Innovating

Our products excel through innovation with outstanding benefits that help create more comfortable outdoor environments with less upkeep.


CoolDeck® Technology

Helps create more comfortable outdoor living environments by reducing heat transfer from the board by up to 35%*.

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DiamondDefense™ Coating

Creates the strongest composite cap in the industry to resist damage from scratches, stains and fading.

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Co-X™ Manufacturing Process

Creates authentic beauty with a true wood-grain finish and enriched color variegation throughout the composite cap.

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* Compared to conventional capped composites. Tested against a standard cap (MoistureShield Refine) in a similar color.

Increased Slip Resistance Helps Create Safer Environments

Compared to the rest, MoistureShield wood composite decking has more slip resistant surfaces even when wet.