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MoistureShield® Launches New Aegis Clip™ for Its Popular Composite Decking Line

Atlanta, GA09/21/2021

Aegis Clip™ offer a 90-degree installation process for grooved boards, designed to be used on both wood or steel joist systems.

MoistureShield, a division of Oldcastle APG, a CRH company, announces the MoistureShield Aegis Clip™ offering a 90-degree installation process for grooved boards, designed to be used on both wood or steel joist systems. Made from glass-reinforced polypropylene for lasting strength and durability, Aegis joins MoistureShield Deck Clips as an option to meet today’s increased trend toward metal framing and challenging environments.

Aegis Clips feature beveled edges and pre-inserted screws, with teeth that fit into the groove to help control lateral movement. It is approved for metal, ACQ joists, and all other Pressure-Treated joists. The 90-degree installation process makes installing and replacing boards easy, with a tight fit for added stability and consistent 3/16″ spacing between deck boards. With superior holding power, Aegis is backed by a lifetime warranty against loose deck boards.

“We are continuously looking for solutions that help our MoistureShield deck builders get the most seamless installation possible,” said Matthew Bruce, Vice President of Sales – MoistureShield.  “We recognize more pros are using metal deck frames, and Aegis Clips accommodate both wood and metal with strength and stability.”

With Aegis, deck builders can choose the type of screws that work best in various environmental conditions, with the option of carbon or stainless steel pre-inserted screws.  The clips are available in 250 sq. ft. buckets that contain 450 fasteners and 50 sq. ft. buckets containing 90 fasteners. The symbols on the package identify frame and screw compatibility and both buckets include a T15 Star Driver Bit for wood and metal frames.

Accessories sold separately include the Starter Clip Pack and Finisher Clip Pack, each with 25 starter clips and 25 screws (estimated for 250 sq. ft deck). Aegis Clips will initially be launched in the United States.

Learn more at Aegis Clip – MoistureShield

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