Environmental Green FYI's

Get to know A.E.R.T.'s unique recycling process with a few green FYI's:

  • MoistureShield decking and accessories are made with:
    • 25% Post-consumer recycled content
    • 70% Pre-consumer recycled content
    • 95% Total recycled content
  • MoistureShield decking is a USDA BioPreferred product.
  • The wood used by A.E.R.T. Inc. is 100% recycled, meaning no trees are cut down to make MoistureShield Composite Decking.
  • Because MoistureShield Composite Decking has a significant recycled content, it prevents pollution today and conserves resources for the future.
  • A.E.R.T. Inc. is as concerned about the availablity of resources in the future as you are. The processes used to make MoistureShield save the equivalent of 23.5 million gallons of gasoline per year.
  • Not only does a 12´ x 12´ MoistureShield deck save 110 gallons of gas, but it also reduces greenhouse gas by the equivalent of over 1,500 lbs. CO2.
  • The energy saved from plastic and wood recycled annually by A.E.R.T Inc. is comparable to taking 45 thousand vehicles off the road.
  • The recycled materials used by A.E.R.T. Inc. are responsible for saving over 2.9 trillion BTUs of energy per year.
  • LEED for Homes (v4) awards points to projects for using Environmentally Preferable Products like MoistureShield Composite Decking.
    • Section MR2-B provides 0.5 point for including a deck containing 25% post-consumer recycled content.

What Goes Into MoistureShield Composite Wood Decking

MoistureShield’s parent company, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (A.E.R.T.), located in Springdale, AR, is a leading plastics recycler and manufacturer of green composite building products. Our state-of-the-art 70,000 square-foot plastic recycling facility washes, cleans and separates polyethylene food packaging and wrapping films for the raw materials in our decking products. Even the building itself is designed with LEED certifications, with no storm water discharged from the site and no potable water, used in the manufacturing process. The energy efficient design includes a habitat for protected species and low emissions. It’s why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded us with the EPA Region 6 “Partnership for Environmental Excellence” Award.

Pre-Consumer Wood Resources

Kiln dried Red Oak Mill Waste

Waste Pallets and Construction Debris

Post-Consumer Polyethylene

Milk Jugs

Grocery Bags

Detergent Bottles

Pre-Consumer Polyethylene

Pallet Wrap

Food Packaging Waste

Green & Recycling Awards

  • Plastic Recycling Award - Society of Plastics Engineers - 2007
  • Global Plastics Environmental Conference - Plastics recycling - 2007
  • Corporate Recycler of the Year - Recycling Coalition - 2005
  • Green Building Conference Special Appreciation - 2004
  • Partnership for Environmental Excellence Award - EPA - 1999
  • Partners of Parks Environmental Contribution Plaque - 1999
  • Wood Award - Sierra Club - 1995